Frequently Asked Questions

Is the FTT difficult to administer?

No, provided the instructions for administration are read carefully. The key issue in administration is probing.

Is scoring the FTT difficult or time consuming?

As with most projective tests assessment of results is not an easy task. The level of difficulty depends on how familiar the clinician is with projective techniques. Efficient scoring of the FTT variables depends on the knowledge of psychodynamic theories of child development and personality, combined with practice and experience.

Can the FTT be administered to all children?

The major prerequisite for administering the FTT is that children are familiar with fairy tales and, in particular the stories of Little Red Riding Hood, Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs and one story involving giants. In the case that the examinee is not familiar with these stories he/she should be narrated the two stories and the administration should be rescheduled a week later.

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